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click on Select Net

Net logger shows several Nets that are in current operation. If you select one of the Nets and go to Monitor Net in the bottom left corner, it would show a list of all operators who are checked in to that particular net. If you right click any individual operator it will take you to where you can see detail about the operator.
Netlogger 2.jpg

For more information ask for
at 719-431-9141

Net Logger graph.jpg

Each column in the graph above represents the number of individual nets nets which used Netlogger on that day. Check out one or more nets that peak your interest.  


  OMISS and  3916 nets have a great following. Click on  any of the Nets For more information. Nets displayed above change throughout the day. There are literally hundreds of Nets.

 Check out the 3916 Tailgaters & Freewheelers net and their page.


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