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Ham License

  • The process of getting an Amateur Radio license starts with getting a Federal Registration Number (FRN). 

  • The next step is to pass the License Exam, at a recommended fee of $17 ... the exam can be conducted in person on paper, or online. 

  • The results of passing the exam is passed to a VEC (most often ARRL or W5YI), who vets the exam results and the submitted 605 Form.

  • The VEC submits your submitted exam "paperwork" to the FCC. 

  • The FCC sends a bill for $35 to the applicant via email. 

  • The applicant sends payment of the $35.

  • The FCC then issues a license in the form of a Call Sign by posting it to the FCC Database. The applicant is authorized to transmit only after he sees his new Call Sign in the database.

  • Successful applicants upgrading to General or Extra Class can use the new band privileges immediately upon passing the exam ... but must add /AG or /AE

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