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Why should I support the ARRL?


Many new amateur licensees may not know what the ARRL is except that it may be the organization that conducted their test session. Did you know that the ARRL provides many programs, conventions, ham fests, club programs, publications, on-air activities, various grants, scholarships, educational programs, spectrum defence, and technical support.  


Spectrum defence is a big one, without someone fighting for the spectrum/bands that we have we'd most definitely lose it forever.  There is always some commercial group (cellular, land mobile radio, etc) trying to buy spectrum.  Think about that for a little while. Think about how just GMRS is gaining in popularity, what if it becomes so popular that additional spectrum is needed?  We're always a target as we don't "own" the spectrum we're allowed to use.  They work with elected officials (local, state and federal) and the FCC to promote and protect our hobby but that isn't free. Our dues and donations help support all of these programs and the legal council of the ARRL.


 Consider joining unless you're already a member ... if you are a member thank you for supporting our hobby and the ARRL!

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